Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly Pics, 23 August 10

So I figure to start off, I'll put up a few of my favourite photographs I take during the week. From now on I'll be putting these up every Sunday, so stay tuned for more!

The following two photos where taken yesterday at a car show in Cold Lake. Me and my buddy Bob just walked around for a bit and I took some photos when something caught my eye.


Hood Ornament

The other 3 photos where taken at the Cold Lake Provincial park while walking my dog.

100818_red dragonfly_001




  1. LOL, it was funny when we were walking by the cars and then you bent down to take a pic of that rusty looking cars headlight and I was thinking " what the heck is Steph taking a picture of that for?" but now I see it, well done Steph.

  2. Ha, well at least now I don't seem so crazy.

  3. Allo Stephane, tes photo son vraiment vraiment belle. Ses beau les photo des fleur et de emyjo et votre chien.

    De ta petite cousine Kamie