Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Pics, 07 November 2010

So I didn't get out much this week. I did go out for one evening shoot but that didn't turn out to well, at least I got to keep all my teeth this time.

Spent saturday in Crystals studio for her Photographer's Business Basics course, definitely my highlight of the week. Met some great people, had some good food and learned so many new things my head is still spinning with ideas. Thanks again Crystal!

Since I don't really have anything to show from this week, figured I'd show some of the interesting critters I shot during my "time off" while I was in Afghanistan. The first one is a camel spider, second one is a praying mantis, third one is a dragonfly and I have no idea what the fourth one was. Some form of stick bug. I tried looking it up, but no luck, if anyone knows what it's called, I'd love to know. Enjoy!