Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well, it's the end of 2010. It was a good year, got lots of things accomplished considering I was in Afghanistan until mid August. My "end of tour time off" did give me some much needed time to set up my business. So here's a look back at the past 4 months and a preview of what I want to accomplish in 2011.

A big thanks goes out to all my portrait clients, you've kept me busier than I thought I would be. I've been able to do pets, kids, couples, big families and small families. For 2011 I want to keep improving on my portraiture and expanding my business through word of mouth. I enjoy being hired because someone liked what I did with someone else's portraits. Currently I don't shoot weddings, in my opinion (and many other photographers), you should have quite a bit of experience before shooting a wedding, there is no re-shoots...... So, for the upcoming wedding season, I'll be a second shooter for other photographers to gain some experience and see if weddings is something I want to get into. Very anxious for these new learning experiences.

On the nature side of things, my portfolio has grown quite a bit since getting back, or should I say, I've managed to create a portfolio (I have a sample book at Beantrees with all my prints). In the new year, I'm going to add a website with a web gallery, as soon as I decide how I want my website. As for building my portfolio, in March I have a photo tour booked with Darwin Wiggett in the rockies, I should come back with lots of keepers, new technical knowledge and creativity. Summer and spring are two seasons I haven't been able to capture in Cold Lake, so that will create many new opportunities for me. It's going to be an exciting year.

As for my blog, I 'm pretty happy with how things turned out. The weekly pics kept me motivated and it was nice to see some feedback and growth from my readership. I think my writing skills have slightly improved, thankfully most of you just look at the pictures, ha ha. So for 2011, I've decided to post a picture a day............ scary thought for me, what a commitment that's going to be. I need a challenge like this to keep me motivated and keep the creative juices flowing. So, here are my rules I'm setting for this challenge; photos have to be taken that day and will be posted every night. If I run out of time, or don't have access to an internet connection, I'll post multiple days in the next post, as long as I take a photo a day...... My main goal for this is to spike my creativity and learn to "see" a bit better. I'm thinking of also writing small reviews of my favourite photography gear, we'll see how that goes....

Last but not least, is my micro stock portfolio on My goal was to have 300 photos approved and 100 downloads by the end of the year; I currently have 300 photos in my port with 1 pending (make that 301, just got approved as I was typing this) and 106 downloads, it was pretty close but I made it. By the end of next year, I'd like to increase my portfolio by 500 photos and reach 250 downloads so that I can apply for exclusivity.

So for all of you that just look at the photos, here are some of my favourites from this year. Hope everyone has a fun and safe new years eve!

I didn't take this photo, but I feel the need to include it in my favourites for 2010.......... our baby boy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun in the Snow

We've got lots of snow in time for Xmas and it made for a great portrait session yesterday. A little cold but lots of fun. Thank you Bobby, Violetta and Chloe for coming out in the cold, enjoy your vacation and the warmth!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The End of Weekly Pics

The end of the year is coming pretty fast. I'll be taking a little break from my usual photography routine. I'll probably put up a few of my favourite photos from the year in the next few weeks.

Forcing myself to go out and take photos every week was a good creative challenge for me. Sometimes you don't feel like going out, or you can't think of anything inspiring. Having the weekly pics gave me no choice but to get out there and find something. Usually once I got out to a location I started seeing things and came back with some keepers. So getting out there, even if you don't feel like it can be rewarding.

For 2011 I want to step it up a notch. Many photographers do something called project 365, where they take a photo a day for a whole year. Now that's a challenge that's bound to help me stay out of a creative slump. So, starting January1st 2011, expect a photo a day. I will strive to make it a good photo and not just a picture of my dog 365 days in a row, altho I'm sure Molly will make it into a few.

So here is a photo I had overlooked from my trip to Lac La Biche with my friend Brad back in October. I grabbed this photo with my Nikon P7000 point and shoot, hand held while walking. I think it turned out pretty good considering the lac of technique used. I like having my small camera out while I'm doing landscape work, that way if I see something, like I did here, I don't have to take my DSLR off my tripod and remove my filters to grab a quick shot. I have a feeling a lot of my Daily photos are going to be taken with this camera. As Chase Jarvis says, "The best camera is the one you have with you".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Pics, 05 December 2010

Not too much picture taking happened this week. Life just gets busy sometimes. Today was nice and sunny so I brought my camera when we walked Molly. Made for some fun winter family portraits. I really like how people stand out when framed against the white snowy backgrounds. So here are the Hachey's in the snow!