Monday, December 13, 2010

The End of Weekly Pics

The end of the year is coming pretty fast. I'll be taking a little break from my usual photography routine. I'll probably put up a few of my favourite photos from the year in the next few weeks.

Forcing myself to go out and take photos every week was a good creative challenge for me. Sometimes you don't feel like going out, or you can't think of anything inspiring. Having the weekly pics gave me no choice but to get out there and find something. Usually once I got out to a location I started seeing things and came back with some keepers. So getting out there, even if you don't feel like it can be rewarding.

For 2011 I want to step it up a notch. Many photographers do something called project 365, where they take a photo a day for a whole year. Now that's a challenge that's bound to help me stay out of a creative slump. So, starting January1st 2011, expect a photo a day. I will strive to make it a good photo and not just a picture of my dog 365 days in a row, altho I'm sure Molly will make it into a few.

So here is a photo I had overlooked from my trip to Lac La Biche with my friend Brad back in October. I grabbed this photo with my Nikon P7000 point and shoot, hand held while walking. I think it turned out pretty good considering the lac of technique used. I like having my small camera out while I'm doing landscape work, that way if I see something, like I did here, I don't have to take my DSLR off my tripod and remove my filters to grab a quick shot. I have a feeling a lot of my Daily photos are going to be taken with this camera. As Chase Jarvis says, "The best camera is the one you have with you".


  1. Love this picture! Brad hard at work....

  2. What a great challenge Stephane! I love your weekly pictures so daily ones will be great! This is also great motivation for me to just get out there and start doing it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Ashley! Glad I could inspire someone. You'll see, the more you go out, the more you come back with.