Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5, Molly lost her leash......

Molly's walk was cut short today after I noticed she had somehow "lost" her leash. I leave it on because she likes chasing snowmobiles, this way I can just grab it when I hear them coming. Well, now it's gone, she probably buried it after it came off thinking she wouldn't have to have one anymore....

Just before that happened I was trying to get a decent looking shot of the fence post with the frosty forest in the background...... I didn't quite get what I was trying for before I had to leave. You'll notice the image tends to draw your eye to the right. To make it more appealing, I would have had to reposition myself so I could get the post in the left side of the frame and then the forest on the right, balancing out the image.

On a positive note, Molly walked right next to me on the way back home, without a leash!

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