Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44, Filter testing...

When you use a lot of neutral density filters with digital cameras, it creates a magenta cast in the colour of the image. I've been thinking of a way to get rid of that annoying magenta cast that has ruined so many of my photos and I think I'm pretty close. When I perfect the technique I'll be posting a small "How to" article on my blog. I almost had it today but I didn't take something into account (I'll explain in the article). So, for all you nature photographers out there who use ND filters. This photo was taken with a total of 10 stops of light being blocked by sing ray filters, the photo started out pretty much completely magenta/purple....


  1. I was reading along happily until I found out this will be a to be continued post... :(

    I'll be waiting to see what you write. :)

  2. Well you shouldn't have to wait too long. I think I'll finish my testing next weekend and post the results. I want to have it figured out before my Winter tour in the rockies with Darwin Wiggett.