Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1, Winter Magic Photography Tour, March 1st 2011

Got up to a nice -34 Deg Celsius for my first day. Thankfully most of the day was spent driving in the truck. Packed up and left for 6am. Off to a good start when I got my coffee at Tim Hortons, walked to the truck, slipped....... coffee down. After that the rest of the travel day went pretty smooth, roads where good.

Spotted some big horn sheep enjoying the uncovered grass next to the highway. I just sat in the ditch and let them graze their way towards me. I figured I may as well get the all too common "sheep shots" out of the way on the first day. Turns out they where my better photos on the first day, well at least I think so.

Just when I was finally warmed up from photographing the sheep I came across a huge hoard of Elk. I didn't want to get too close so I used my 2x tele extender with my 70 to 200mm and my tripod. With my crop sensor body I end up with 600mm of focal length. Not sure how much I like using it tho, I really seem to loose quite a bit of sharpness in my photos. I suppose you have to sacrifice something for the extra range, at least with the extender it's not my savings.

Arrived in Jasper around 3, checked into my motel, had a little rest and then headed out for Medicine Lake for the sunset. I was hopping for some really good light to compliment the nice cloud cover. I think it was around -26 at this point. So I put on my Sorel boots, my Bomber style hat Amy Jo got me and headed down to the lake. I should of put on my snow shoes...... The effort put into trudging thru the snow kept me warm, so I guess it worked out. Walked around until I saw the boulder in the photo bellow. Once I got there I thought the path would make a nice leading line up to the mountain. I enjoy this composition.

The big dramatic sunset that I was hopping for didn't happen. Wanting a little more, I decided I would try light painting the Inukshuk I spotted past the snow mounds on the lake. Well...... that wasn't a good idea. Those snow mounds where boulders under the snow. It took me almost 20 minutes to go across about 15 meters. I kept going thru the snow so I had to be careful. Some of the crevasses where at least 4 or 5 feet deep. Wouldn't of been good to break my leg. Then I had to wait for it to get dark enough for light painting, which seemed to take forever. Couldn't let it get too dark either, cause I had to navigate the boulders again. Well, I enjoy the photo I made down there, so I guess it was worth it.

I was pretty happy with myself for only a few hours of photography on my first day. The tour with Darwin Wiggett only started the next day for anyone wondering what I was doing alone.

Happy with my shots I went out and had a nice juicy sirloin steak and tried to regain some heat in my body.


  1. "Like" it all minus the need for the steak! haha Beautiful wildlife.....

  2. Awesome so far! Not sure I would like the cold, but the imagery is beautiful.