Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3, Winter Magic Photography Tour, March 3rd 2011

First morning of the official tour. Got up, ate a nice healthy breakfast with some excellent coffee and was ready to head out and get cold. I think it was around -26 degrees Celsius that first morning, either way, that was the coldest it got for the rest of the tour so we were pretty lucky. I could write a novel to account for everything that happened during the trip for each day, so I'll keep it short and about the photos.

No need to talk about the long conversations in between locations, the supposedly 9 Star Wars movies, who the medical expert in the car is or any vehicular accidents that may or may not have happened.... what happens in the Rockies, stays in the Rockies..... Actually it's probably all going to end up coming out... On to the photos.

So many good photos it was hard to choose. I've decided to keep it under 10 for each day, so these are my favourites. For the one above, I just loved how the snow led into the mountains. I had tried doing some photos with ice cracks but this was more pleasing to me.

I shot this one hand held, wasn't really expecting it to turn out but I really like it. I like the one strait line of flare that goes across the whole photo.

If you like Raven's, you're going to see lots of them. I took a lot of photos of them during the tour because I love photographing wildlife, even if it's the all too common Raven. This one posed for me very nicely on a sign and I was able to get a few good shots before he flew off.

This was at the same stop as the Raven, I noticed the tree on the way up to see the ice climbers on the Weeping Wall. I just love the look of fresh snow.

It was actually a beautiful day, lots of climbers on the wall. Very nice of him to wear something colourful for me to photograph.

We stopped at the columbia ice fields to take a few photos. Nothing really caught my eye at this location so I started shooting the Ravens again. I really do find them intriguing. I'll have to set up a blind at Wall Mart sometime and take photos of the mutant ones that hang out in the parking lot.

This was the day we drove up to Jasper. The sky was clouding over so we headed to Maligne canyon. I think we had about an hour to photograph our way back up..... Rob and myself only made it about 50 meters before our time ran out. There's so many things you can do with all those rock patterns. For this photo I was laying on my back looking up.

There was no sunset that evening, just gray skies so we checked in to our hotel and went for some beers and pizza at Jasper Pizza. Thanks again for the great meal Alan. Here's a "Beer Mug Portrait" I took of Rob.

After climbing up Maligne canyon with all my camera gear and having beer and pizza, I think I had the best sleep I've had in a long time that night.


  1. Fantastic shots, Stephane. You are really capturing the beauty around you. Wish I were there too, especially for the beer. :)

  2. Stephane, I am loving the sampling you are giving us. The shots are beautiful.

  3. Great shots Stephane! I love immensity of the first photo!