Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 4, Winter Magic Photography Tour, March 4th 2011

Started off the morning with a delicious breakfast at Bear Paws in Jasper, thanks again Alan, couldn't ask for better hospitality. With a belly full of pastries and coffee we headed off to the Glory Hole just outside of Jasper. On the drive we did see a "wolf" (I think it was a coyote) but it was too dark to stop for photos (I feel better thinking it was a coyote).

Being my first time at this location, I didn't know about the magnificent view from the road, so I ventured off into the woods to try and get something different than the group. I was pretty happy with my photograph but I was also jealous of Bruce's photo he made that morning. That's why I decided to stay an extra night in Jasper on the way back, so I could return to that location. You'll see the results of that decision on a later post. For now tho, you can go check out Bruce's masterpiece from that morning.

At our next stop, my favourite photo was actually of a big horned sheep. I like how the foreground and background criss cross in a diagonal.

Then we went to one of my favourite locations in Jasper National Park, Medicine Lake. I love that location. Even tho I had been there on my own a few days before, there was great light and nice clouds in the sky when we got there. Of course, I had to venture down to the Inukshuk for a few photos again. I wasn't as worried about breaking a leg this time, I had a doctor with me. It was also a lot easier to navigate the boulders in full daylight. This photo was taken at noon, you gotta love the low sun during the winter.

The next three photos where made at the Quartzize Boulder Pile on the way back to Aurum Lodge. Darwin was laughing at me because I kept saying, "Wow, my new favourite photo". I really thought I would come back from this trip with a grand landscape as my favourite photo.

This was my first favourite. This was on the side of the road everyone was shooting on. I really wanted to try and isolate a lone tree within all the boulders but everything was all clumped together.

So I crossed the street and this is what was on the other side! My new favourite!

And then I saw this... Wow, I love this photograph. I call it "Lost at Sea". To get all the mounds looking close like that I used my D300S with my 70 to 200mm with a 2x tele convertor, which added up to a 600mm focal length to compress the scene. The other lone tree was also taken with this setup. I've already made a 20x30 canvas of this one. It's displayed at Beantrees in the gallery if anyone wants to see it.

For our last location of the day Alan brought us to the Kootenay Plains Reflecting Pools. The sunset wasn't too dramatic so most of the group left early, it was getting late and cold. Rob, Bruce and I decided to stick it out and make some more photos until dark. It was great being on a tour like this with a couple other guys who where just as dedicated (crazy) to getting the shot. We carpooled the whole week. Rob called our vehicle "team testosterone" on the first night, I'm not sure how accurate that was....

Not much colour in the sky but I envisioned this being a nice black and white (I've replaced this image with a version I edited with Silver Efex Pro 2). I waited about half an our for the clouds to spread out a little more above the mountains. I enjoy the results.

The water wasn't very deep here, so Rob and I crawled around on the edge of the ice to get some cool reflection shots. We didn't fall thru, so that was good.

The 4th was a very good day for me. I have many more great shots I took that day but these where my favourites. Thank for the great meal Madeleine, it was nice to come in from the cold to a great supper every night, sorry for being late all the time....


  1. I love the last beautiful! Can't wait to go see this for myself...

  2. Hey Stephane,
    The collection of photos from this day are particularly impressive.

  3. Thanks Rob, I can't wait to see what you got out of this trip.

  4. I can't pick a favourite, they are all beautiful. Well done!

  5. I think your best day yet, amazing work!