Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67, I'm back!

Got back from my amazing journey thru the rockies yesterday! A big thanks goes out to Darwin and Samantha, you guys where great. I'd also like to thank Allan and Madeline for the great accommodations and excellent food.

I have so many photos to edit, kind of overwhelming. I will be making a separate post for each day of my trip once I get the photos for that day edited. The first post will be ready in the next day or so.

For todays photo, the snow mobile tracks caught my eye while walking Molly. I like how they zig zag across and lead you to the tree line and hay bale. Looking for "leading lines" is something I wasn't doing much before the Photo Tour. I learned so many new things this past week. The quality of my work should definitely be stepping up a few notches. Well, off to edit more photos. I do have 2707 to go thru.........

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