Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 120, A little effort goes a long way

I've been doing a little spring cleaning all week and I've been amassing a pile of gear I no longer use. Time to sell some stuff.

Now, I could of just snapped a few pics with everything layed out on the floor, like you see all the time in classifieds..... Nope, not me. I figured I may as well make it look decent. This could of turned into an all day event if I was shooting for a magazine but I think this will serve my purpose, I only spent about 15 minutes setting up.

Everything was set on a white piece of poster board that was curved so you don't see edges. A diffused flash on eah side with a reflector for fill in the front, and voila! I have my photos ready for my ads.

If you don't want to get as involved you can just use your camera on auto with a white poster board as a background. A clean background will make your subject stand out and be more appealing.

Nikon 70-300mm f4.5.6 ED Lens $220

Think Tank Digital Holster 20- $40
Nikon 70-300mm f4.5.6G Lens $120


  1. Thanks for the bag. Its a nice, handy little bag for the beginner photog such as myself. Hooray for infomall. Picked up my Canon Rebel XS EF-S on there as well.

    Lots to learn~ So many settings, so much fun.

  2. No problem. I'm sure it will serve you as well as it served me. Those thinktank bags are really well made. Enjoy your photographic journey, the learning never ends.

  3. Speaking of which, would you be interested in offering basic lessons to get a guy started?

  4. Sent you an email with some great info!