Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 5, Winter Magic Photography Tour, March 5th 2011

The morning of the 5th was definitely the best sunrise we had during the trip. Darwin delivered as per usual and got us to the best place to photograph that morning. It was almost stressful trying to decide which crack in the ice to use as your leading line. The clouds were perfectly lined up with the sun and mountain, just streaming right back in our direction. What a good start to the day.

We stuck around for quite a while that morning. So many interesting ice structures to photograph. I really enjoyed this particular piece that was jutting out.

After the sunrise we headed back to the lodge to warm up and have some coffee. Then we drove to Mistaya Canyon, wow, what a beautiful place. We had to snowshoe down to it from the highway. I would of never stopped here on my own, I'm happy we did.

Darwin gave us an assignment for this particular location. We where to set our cameras to RAW + JPeg and at the end of the day pic our two favourites from Mistaya. We were allowed to change the picture control to whatever we wanted to but couldn't edit the files. That night we would view them all as a group and vote for our favourites.

The light was a bit too harsh for me to get any decent canyon shots so I pretty much bypassed it and went to the other side (and my tripod legs were frozen shut). The above photo shows how beautiful it was. I didn't choose this photo for the contest because there was 7 of us lined up pretty much getting the same shot. So I wandered off to try and find something different that would stand out.

Well, this is what I came up with. This version is edited with silver efex pro but the one I submitted was a B&W Jpeg from the camera. Everything just fell in line for me in this image and it got the most votes! Congrats to Alan and Rob who also won prizes. It was really fun to see everyones unique vision of the same location. So many good photos.

This is another version that I also enjoy.

After making my squirrel tracks image I kept trudging thru the snow looking for some nice open water in the shade. I was rewarded with this beautiful untouched scene further down the river. And I found water in the shade.

This was actually my second image that I submitted for the contest that day, in B&W tho. I left it in colour after noticing how colourful the rocks were. Really happy I got this shot, moving water with ice was on my checklist of shots I wanted out of this trip.

We had pulled over on the side of the road and Darwin was pointing at the sun saying how there was ice crystal rainbows in the clouds. I had no idea what he was talking about but I stopped down my exposure and took some shots anyways. Now I know what he was going on about. I googled cloudy ice crystals, I guess it's when the water in a cloud freezes it creates a whole bunch of small crystals, that's how you get all the colours. After this shot I took my Polarizer off my lens and noticed it was cracked...... First casualty of the trip...... Sing Ray Polarizers are not cheap either...

Last location of day, Darwin brought us to photograph the ice bubbles from "The belly of Abraham". Of course I didn't listen to his directions and just assumed I would see them..... Well I went right where he said go left. I'm pretty happy with what I was able to do with this nice fissure I found. It was crazy windy at this location. I have a few more great photographs from this sunset but they are taking forever to edit because of the amount of snow that kept blowing on the lens. And yes, the horizon is straight. It's the way the tree line is in proportion to the mountain that makes it look crooked. I could of made it look straight but I decided on leaving it the way it really was.

Not bad of a sunset for the last official night of the tour.


  1. Wow, awesome first and last shots!

  2. Beautiful shots! I really like the moving water photo. Keep 'em coming. :)

  3. Another stunning selection Stephane. Well done!

  4. Great shots, Stephane. Like you said, the first spot was amazing and we could have stayed longer, but more amazing sights were coming. Congrats on the great footprint image - well deserved!

    (Yes, next time we listen to Darwin!)