Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colour? or Black and white?

Ok, so this is the image I went out to get last night. The deer was just a bonus. I had been waiting for low fast moving clouds for a long time now, I've had this image in my head since last summer. I didn't edit it last night because it was late and a three pano stitch with long exposure takes a long time to get just right. So this morning I started with a colour version and then made a black and white version in silver efex pro 2. I like them both....... I want to get it printed on a large canvas but not sure which one. What do you guys think? B&W or Colour?
Please leave your comments on the blog. I need help deciding......


  1. Color all the way I think....although the black and white is pretty good too!

  2. Both of them are very,very nice.But I like more the color version.

  3. Both are really good Stephane, but I have to admit that I lean more towards the B&W version. I full realise that I could change my mind tomorrow lol.

  4. Thank you everyone. Lots of comments on facebook and on iStock. I was leaning towards black and white but almost everyone says color. So, I'm going to get a 10x30 canvas in colour and I'll make a small 5x15 black and white print for my office. Thanks for all the input, very much appreciated.

  5. I am Visiting your site for the First Time today and love your work!
    Regarding the Question of Color or B&W... well I like both, the Color is more relaxing and the B&W has drama that makes it intersting too.
    hmmmm hard pick.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  6. Thank you for the comment Mark, glad you like my work.