Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153, Little Bean

This is me after a P90X workout...... ok, it's Jacob during his belly time. Where he tries to lift his head up and pushes himself forward with his little feet. I had him on his white changing matt in front of the white closet doors and just had to take a photo. This was taken with window light only!

Good day for Baby pictures today. Amy Jo loved the way he was all snuggled in to her shoulder so I once again ran and grabbed my camera. I opened the living room blinds and grabbed another photo with nothing but window light. Plus he was wearing his Moo Cow outfit, so it had to work.


  1. Beautiful. I'm loving all the shots of Jacob!! Hope you guys are well :)

  2. Thanks Brian. We couldn't be doing any better. Jacob is as healthy as can be.