Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 158, Better late than never

These are my daily pics from yesterday. Went out for the sunset and it was 2300 by the time I got home and I just went to bed.

Followed this little guy along the shore line as he was swimming around. Did not expect him to all of the suden come out of the water and cross the little path right in front of me! I love the golden color of the water and half silhouette. I managed to keep all the detail in the beaver as well. Really happy with this one.

Then I pulled out my 24mm tilt shift lens to try out a focusing technique Darwin Wiggett told me about yesterday. One of the issues with using the tilt with a Nikon is the poor quality Live View to focus when it gets dark. What I didn't know is that Nikon's Live view stops down to the aperture you are using on your camera. So to focus, all you have to do is open up your aperture and the live view will be bright and crisp! It worked great and I was able to set my focus plane to get the image tack sharp from front to back. Then I used the shift feature to get three images, left, right and center to merge in photoshop to create a large photo. Also used a 3stop hard grad filter to balance out the sky. I love my tilt shift lens! Thanks for teaching me how to use it Darwin!

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