Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First session of the season- Brad and Caroline (Day 178)

My parental leave ends in two weeks, so I figured I'd get the rust out and get some practice before I start taking on some portrait clients again. I work with Brad and he does a lot of landscape shooting with me as well. I figured a fellow photographer wouldn't mind posing for me while I stumbled around trying to figure out what button did what. All kidding aside, they where great to shoot for. Oh yea, the above shot, taken half laying in the water while Joe was licking my head, all sorts of fun. I think the shot was worth it tho.

Standing in the water for this one....... Next time maybe I'll wear shorts and sandals. Jeans get heavy when they are wet.

I really like this moment. No directing for this one, happened all on it's own.

Thanks again Brad, Caroline and Joe, you guys where all great!


  1. Stephane these are great, well done!

  2. Thanks Wendy, I had a blast doing them.

  3. Love this last one...so sweet. You'll have to put some more up of Joe too haha!

  4. Wonderful photos, really capturing personality and that's so nice to see.