Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 204, Jacob's new friend!

Jacob finally got to meet his little friend Brooke today. It's funny how everyone ends up having babies around the same time. Mike and Gina are some of our good friends from when we were all in Gagetown. Their beautiful little girl Brooke is only a week older than Jacob. They told us Jacob is going to be on the list of "Allowed to date" when she's older. Guess we'll have to raise him to be a gentleman.

It was really nice seing you guys again, you have a beautiful little girl.


  1. Such a pretty girl......just like her mama!

  2. That's my beautiful niece!
    Thank you for taking such a fantastic photo of her and her gorgeous mother!

  3. No problem Nichole. They're the ones who looked fantastic, I just pushed a button.