Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 210, Machine

I'm currently participating in David Hobby's Lighting Bootcamp 3. The current assignment was to photograph an "object" that was relevant to your community. So I headed to the Cold Lake museum in search of something relevant that caught my eye. If you mention Cold Lake to any Canadian two things pop in their head, Oil and Air Force Base. Being in the air force, I decided to explore the oil industry so I could actually learn something. I headed to our local museum to find something interesting to use for my photograph. Lucky me, the curator is one of my good friends Linda Dunn, she gave me an excellent tour and lots of great information.

As soon as I saw the oil rig drill bits I knew I had to photograph them. They where displayed on these metal grate stands which complemented them very well. I played with two lights for a bit but ended up getting rid of one and going real simple. These are some of the smaller drill bits used to drill the holes used for dropping dynamite to break up rock.

Lighting info for those who are curious. Shot from above, one snooted SB600 with a red gel directly beneath pointing up set at 1/2 power. ISO 100, 250th second f8. Nikon D300s with Tokina 11 to 16mm set to 16mm.

I really like the Dark metal with the bright red.

Thanks again for the great tour Linda!

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