Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cleaning out the closet...

Ok, so I'm cleaning out the closet in my office and I realize that I've been holding on to way to much gear that I don't use anymore.

So it's time to find a new home for all of this stuff!
First up, I have 2x SB600's in like new condition. $200 each. I'll even show you how to used them off camera. -------------SOLD
Next I have a set of 3 Nikon extension tubes, great for doing macro photography. $250 for all 3. These will work with any lens with a manual aperture ring and turn it into a macro lens.--------SOLD
Then I have an SB-28 Nikon flash. This is what I started using for off camera flash. I'll even include my home made PC extension cord so you can trigger it. $120 for flash and sync cord.--------SOLD
Nikor 70 to 300mm f/4- f5.6G Lens. This is the older version without a focus motor, so you need a camera with a built in motor to use autofocus, like the D90 or D7000. $100 for this mint condition zoom lens. ----------SOLD

Think tank shapeshifter Back pack. I've used this as my primary backpack for about a year and it's held up 100%. Paid over $270 for this and will let it go for $150 now.

Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW backpack. This was one of my prizes for winning 1rst place in the Outdoor Photography Spring photo contest, I've never used it, still has all the tags on it. $100 and it's yours.

Keep checking this post as I will be adding items to it as I dig them out of my closet.

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