About Me

      Originally from Bathurst New Brunswick, I have had a keen interest in photography since an early age. 
I can still remember getting my first neon orange camera from McDonald’s when I was only 10 years old
(wish I still had it). That was the beginning of my long journey into photography.I lived in Bathurst until I joined the reserve infantry at 17 years old. 3 years later I transferred to the regular force as an airman. My first posting was in Gagetown, New Brunswick as an aircraft technician. I spent the next 7 years there. Very shortly after meeting my wife Amy Jo, we got posted to 417 Combat Support Rescue Squadron in Cold Lake, Alberta, and she came with me! 4 years later, we are now in Edmonton Alberta. Our first son, Jacob was born just last April.
I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but I could never figure out why my pictures didn’t look as good as I wanted them to, something appeared to be missing. It always bothered me that my photos didn’t stand out like the ones I saw in magazines, how hard could it be? Then I met an Imagery Technician while I was on my junior leadership course. I asked him….. ” What’s missing in my photos?” And then he told me……. And I haven’t stopped learning since.
I’ve also done a couple of tours to Afghanistan. First with the Tactical Unmanned Areal Vehicles in 2006/07 and then again with the Griffon/Chinook tactical helicopter flight in 2008/09. It was on this second deployment that I gained most of my photographic knowledge. Only having about an hour or two to myself everyday but with nothing to do, I started reading photography books and magazines. By the time my 9 month deployment was over, I had read over 30 photography books and countless magazines. I just couldn’t get enough information.
Since returning to Canada in August of 2009, I’ve put all of my knowledge to use. From landscapes to weddings, I’ve tried it all. My greatest passions are Fine Art Nature photography and Portraiture. Altho I do quite a bit of stock photography as well.
As much as I love my military career, photography will always be a big part of my life. I just can’t get enough of it, just ask my wife, she’ll tell you. Other than that, I like to spend as much of my time with my lovely wife Amy Jo, my handsome little boy Jacob and our little ball of fur we like to call Molly D. If you follow my blog, they are reoccurring subjects. Molly comes with me on most of my outdoor hikes, unless I’m going specifically for wildlife, then I leave her at home. She tends to think the opposite of “don’t scare the animals” as in “I’m going to eat you”. Generally, if I’m doing something outdoors I’m happy.
So that’s me in a nutshell!
Stephane Hachey